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About the J&L Financial Planner

The Financial Planner is a tool that allows you to create simple or complex financial scenarios based on financial events through out your life. You create the scenario based on your current financial status and future financial events.

The J&L Financial Planner executes your scenario and displays the effects on your net worth through out a selected time span. The output is displayed in a text format that shows the yearly effects on up to 50 accounts, including investment, tax free, retirement, asset and equity accounts. You can choose from a wide range of Screen and printed reports. The output may also be presented with bar, line and pie graphs. The program has a comprehensive Monte Carlo Analysis and a Historical Return Analysis included to measure your future risk.

The program can create a scenario based on mortgage , loan , credit card debt, withdrawal, deposit, and transfer events. Each event has the option to be adjusted yearly for inflation or a separate yearly adjustment rate. Each event can be applied to any of the up to 50 accounts. The scenario is presented in a year by year text format. The results are presented in a year by year text format as well as line, bar and pie graphs.

The program is presented in a manner that allows you to edit values for what-if scenarios. There is a random value option that shows the effect of a selected range of random rate changes on your accounts. The professional version includes a complete Monte Carlo Analysis, as well as a Historical Return Analysis.

The J&L Financial Planner was designed to develop wide ranging financial scenarios that allow you to:

  • Develop a savings strategy for your retirement. Built in Minimum Required Distribution (MRD).
  • Examine the effects of penalty-free withdrawals from your retirement accounts with the built in Rule 72t analysis.
  • Analyze your future investment risk with the comprehensive Monte Carlo Analysis and Historical Return Analysis.
  • Import your account balances from other financial software, data bases and spread sheets.
  • Export your reports to other financial software, data bases and spread sheets.
  • See how your net worth is affected by saving strategies, inflation, taxes, mortgages, and loans.
  • Develop a savings strategy for your child's college education. Revenue Code Section 529 college investment implemented.
  • Implement itemized budget scenarios.
  • Play 'What If" with your financial plans with scenario event groups.
  • Track your Income and Expenses for multiple properties.
  • Create a manageable credit card debt payoff strategy.
  • Show the effects of Asset Allocation Withdrawals on your net worth
  • Examine the results of re-balancing your asset allocations on a yearly or multi-yearly basis.
  • Track your investment real estate including itemized income and expenses.
  • Develop your savings strategy for buying a home.
  • Examine the the effects on your net worth of additional lump-sum or periodic payments to your mortgage.
  • Create trade-offs between your mortgage options including a comprehensive refinancing analysis.
  • Find out if a Reverse Mortgage is right for you.
  • Find out if a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) is right for your financial planning objectives.
  • Perform what-ifs on numerous financial parameters that affect your savings and investments.
  • Create viable options for your financial future.


Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8

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